A rejuvenated smile with straight teeth no longer needs to come from a mouth full of unattractive traditional metal braces. Clear braces have changed since they are a barely visible alternative to the usual bracket/wire braces, and they help enhance physical confidence and self-esteem. 

Invisible braces don’t have the brackets and wires used by traditional braces and will provide you with a better esthetic during your pursuit of a perfect smile. But they can be used to treat crooked or crowded teeth. However, this means they may not be ideal for complex misalignment cases that are better addressed by traditional orthodontics.  

But as much as they are widely known for their aesthetic benefits, not many people are aware of the side benefits of invisible braces, one of them overcoming bad oral habits. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the dental habits you can break with invisible braces. 



For starters, there’s the obvious fact that smoking cigarettes can harm your overall dental health. You shouldn’t be smoking with clear braces; otherwise, it can be a serious challenge for both you and your orthodontist. Excessive smoking can even lead to oral cancer. 

Tar and nicotine can also cause stains on your clear aligners, which are meant to hide your Invisalign treatment from the public. As you can expect, stains will discolor your trays, making them visible, beating the purpose. 

And don’t think you can get away with removing your clear aligners before smoking. The remains of nicotine, tar, and other toxic chemicals from cigarette smoking can cause havoc in your teeth, no matter how much you brush or floss. Nicotine and tobacco remains can cause teeth decay, enamel erosion, teeth discoloration, and gum disease. 

Bear in mind that constantly removing your invisible braces so you can smoke will only interfere with the treatment and structure of your teeth. You need to have your Invisible braces on for not less than 20 hours a day if you want to achieve the desired result. 

As a frequent smoker, you might end up prolonging the duration of your Invisalign treatment since you’ll be wearing them for less time, considering you’ll have to remove them when eating or drinking. 


Chewing On Non-Food Items

You need to avoid certain foods and drinks when you have invisible braces or any other form of orthodontic treatment. However, there are also non-food items and habits you need to avoid, such as nail-biting or chewing your pens, pencils, and straws. Chewing on non-food items is common among children, teenagers, and even adults. The habit can be a result of stress, nervousness, boredom, or feelings of insecurity. 

It’s not considered a serious health problem as those who do it usually perform the habit unknowingly. However, it can damage your teeth in the long run and cost you thousands of dollars in dental repair. Such non-food items are also unsanitary and harbor several germs and bacteria that can make you sick. 

The good news is, clear braces can help you quit the habit. Clear aligners come with custom trays that place a tight grip on the teeth, preventing the wearer from biting on pens and nails. With time, people tend to adapt and eventually kick the habit. 


Drinking Alcohol, Caffeine, And Sugary Beverages

Whether you’ve had previous experience with traditional braces or not, you’ll be glad to know that you can drink any other beverage you’d normally drink. However, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. 

The smell and taste of that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning are very precious to many people. Caffeinated drinks give us the energy we need to kickstart our day and can be truly addictive. If you have clear braces, drinking caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee is okay as long as they’re not hot. The heat may bend the plastic, leaving you with no option but to buy a new set of invisible braces. 

Note that excessive caffeine consumption can stain your invisible braces, so try to do it with a straw if possible. Alcohol and soft drinks can also stain your braces. Some clear aligners trap the sugars, so try and use a straw or combine your drinks with tonic or soda water.  

Perhaps the only drink you should maintain is room temperature water since it won’t stain or warp your braces. Plus, water is good for your health.  



For most of us, chilling at home and catching up on our favorite TV shows means grabbing a snack to munch on. Even when we’re not hungry, our brains unconsciously compel us to grab whatever snacks and tidbits we can find. 

However, clear braces can help tame this snacking habit. Having to take out your invisible braces each time you want to bite on something can be quite a mood killer, and you will have to rethink your choices about when and what you’re eating. 

You’ll find yourself maintaining a diet that might help you shed some weight. The 20-hour compliance rule allows two hours for eating, meaning you’ll have to plan your mealtimes a lot more carefully. 

If there’s a tempting cookie in your office break room, pulling off your tightly bound trays just for that sweet treat may not be exactly worth it. Even if you remove them, you won’t find it comfortable slipping your invisible braces over the sugary, doughy mess left on your teeth. 


Clear Braces Are the Way To Go

Invisible braces are amazing for achieving straight teeth more comfortably, quickly, and more discreetly than wearing braces. They are designed for older teens and adults but are not advisable for use on babies. Children and younger teens in need of orthodontic treatment will need conventional metal braces with wires and brackets on the front of the teeth. 

All the same, make sure you consult a dentist from Madison Avenue Dental who can best decide the best option for your needs. Give us a call today at (507) 388-8056 to book an appointment with us.

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