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The best gum lift treatment in Mankato

A beautiful smile is important for healthy relationships and self-confidence. People want to associate with people that look beautiful, give a warm smile, and seem genuinely happy through their smiles. However, a small dental problem can affect the quality of your smile, appearance, and self-confidence. Not everyone has naturally white, straight, and beautiful teeth. You may have white teeth that are unevenly exposed at the gumline. With the right dental healthcare specialist, you should be able to recover from any dental issue and get your beautiful smile back. Gum lifts are among the most effective cosmetic dentistry treatments for restoring gum recession around the teeth. Find out how Madison Avenue dental can help restore your gum tissue and, in the process, protect your teeth.

What is a Gum lift/Gum Contouring?

Dental problems can cause a patient many headaches, but you have nothing to worry about if you are affected by one or more issues. Nowadays, there are procedures to correct almost every problem. Dentists use laser, radiation, or scalpel to reshape too high, low, or uneven gums. A gum lift is a cosmetic dentistry procedure aimed at reshaping receding gums. It is also called gum contouring, gingivoplasty, gingival sculpting, or gum reshaping.


Since it is a surgical procedure, it may be painful or uncomfortable. However, the performing dentist will use local anesthesia to numb pain around the tooth and afterward give pain relievers to help with the pain once the effect of the anesthesia is gone. There are other cosmetic dentistry treatments you may consider when treating gum recession, but you need the proper advice of an experienced dentist. Visit our Mankato dental office for an evaluation of the best cosmetic dental procedure for your problem.

Am I a good candidate for a gum contouring procedure?

Dental and oral health issues are not always straightforward. Different patients could get other treatments for the same problem. It would help if you had a proper diagnosis from a qualified doctor to get a tailored solution that guarantees complete healing. Gum recession is often caused by periodontal disease. It could affect one or more teeth. While regular visits to the dentist keep you safe from many diseases, it is easy to ignore receding gum. When you start noticing an uneven gum line, it is time to book an appointment with a dentist. 

In addition, if you were born in a family with gummy smiles, have been taking prescription medicine that affects the gum line, or have another health problem overexposing the roots of your teeth, you are a good candidate for a gum lift. Also, your dentist may recommend a gum lift as part of other procedures such as regeneration, crown lengthening, or pocket reduction.

Any dental problem can escalate to a big health issue if left unchecked. A dental surgeon uses procedures such as gum contouring to correct gum recession and protect the affected teeth. Call Madison Avenue Dental on (507) 388-8056 to schedule a consultation.


Benefits of gum contouring

1. Gum lifts prevent gum disease. Correcting problems with the gum tissue helps protect the gum.

2. It prevents tooth decay. Before a patient gets the gum lift, the dentist cleans their teeth to remove any bacteria and treats tooth decay. This helps protect teeth from further decay.

3. Protects other body organs from infection.

Mouth bacteria can easily move from the gum tissue to other body parts, causing physical illnesses. Gum contouring surgery reduces the risk of spreading the bacteria to other tissues, promoting overall wellness.

4. Gum lifts preserve bone tissue. The procedure helps cover the exposed teeth, protecting them from bone damage and loss.


5. It is easy to clean and maintain. Gum contouring surgery aftercare is easy, and everyone can do it with minimal effort.

6. Restores your beauty. Gum recession tends to make a patient older than they are. By fixing this problem, gum lifts restore their appearance.

7. Gum lift gives you a beautiful smile. Too much gum affects the quality of your smile and can lock you out of many opportunities. It is both unattractive and provides the patient with an older look. When you give your gum tissue a gum lift, you also fix your smile.

8. Protects your teeth. When the gumline losses gum tissue, it leaves the teeth around the affected area exposed and at risk of damage. If left unchecked, gum recession could lead to teeth loss. A gum lift will therefore protect your teeth.


Dr. Brent Olson and Dr. Travis Prunty of Madison Avenue Dental have many years of experience in gum contouring and other cosmetic dentistry treatments. They will remove excess gum tissue, fix an uneven gum line, restore a receding gum line and give you symmetrical teeth with modern technology. Call their dental office now on (507) 388-8056 and fix your smile in one visit.

Why Madison Avenue Dental

The best cosmetic procedure for a receding gum line

Gumline procedures are not as easy as they look. Covering a receding gum line with gum tissue from other parts of the mouth or removing excess gum tissue from the gum line is a skill and an art that needs a lot of experience and care. Dr. Brent Olson and Dr. Travis Prunty have been fixing gummy smiles in Mankato for years. They will use a laser gum lift to save you from the effect of a local anesthetic application, discomfort, bleeding, and pain during the surgery.

Mankato Avenue dentists will help you heal faster.

Taking care of your teeth and gum line after the gum lift will determine your results. You need to eat soft foods for permanent results and avoid anything that could irritate your gums and delay the recovery process. Keep away from acidic and spicy foods for a couple of weeks until you heal completely. Gum lifts can be painful once the local anesthetic treatment stops working a couple of hours after the surgery. Dr. Brent Olson and Dr. Travis Prunty will recommend the best pain killers and care tips to prevent bleeding, discomfort, and swelling of the gums so you can enjoy complete healing. They also do laser gum lift which does not require anesthesia. 

A wide range of dental solutions

At Madison Avenue Dental, we understand that patients’ teeth need the most appropriate treatment option. While a laser gum lift will fix a gummy smile, it may not specify all gum and teeth issues. A patient who has more than one tooth problem needs to leave the dentist’s office with the assurance of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, we have a solution for all dental and oral health issues, from crown lengthening to composite fillings, implants, and braces.

Save costs on laser gum lift.

A gum lift is a surgical procedure that could involve a combination of methods. Costs range from $50 to $3,000, but you cannot count the cost of fixing a gummy smile. However, it is good to be prepared before visiting the dentist’s office. We also accept dental insurance to save you from out-of-pocket costs when fixing your teeth and gum line for medical purposes. 


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