Advance Procedure

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of dental services in Mankato, MN. In addition to routine dental care like cleanings, x-rays, exams, and treatments for gum disease, our experienced professionals help with restorations and cosmetic dentistry, in addition to performing surgery in the office. You won’t have to go here and there to access the specialized dental health care you need.


We promise to make seeing the dentist pleasant and painless if this is your first time. We guarantee a high level of professionalism and sensitivity in carrying out our dental work, so we hope no patient is put off an important dental procedure by nerves.

Root Canal Services

Toothaches make you miserable and make you worry about losing a tooth. We help our toothache patients by assessing the situation and performing a root canal. Removing the soft tissue, the pulp, inside the tooth eliminates the nerve that causes so much pain. 


When combined with a crown, this procedure is a great alternative to extraction because that gap in the jaw bone can lead to oral health issues in the future. This is also why implants can be superior to bridges.


These procedures are more complicated and invasive than fillings. Our experienced and skilled team makes the process easy and relatively comfortable. But, that doesn’t mean the process is stressful and painful. So, if chronic pain is making you miserable, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office.

Fillings And Composites

Many toothaches can be eliminated with a quick filling versus a more radical approach like extraction. A cavity can be easily and efficiently filled with modern dental technology. If you need to have a cavity treated with a filling, we can do it here. 


Once we diagnose the cavity, we can remove the decay and fill in the hole with a composite filling. These are fillings that look more natural than the old, darker materials you may be familiar with. We also use composite resin to repair damaged and misshapen teeth.


If you or your child is suffering what you think is a cavity, don’t hesitate to schedule a dental visit. Professional and gentle dental care is guaranteed.

Oral Surgery

Dentist Mankato has oral surgeons who can take care of maxillofacial and dental conditions. In addition to operating, our highly professional staff will review your treatment options and explain why surgery is the best or only option. We’ll also do our best to allay your fears about the surgery and its aftermath.


We are confident that our team can diagnose and treat whatever is causing your pain. You may need to see an oral surgeon for several procedures:

  • Extractions
  • Implants
  • Bone grafts
  • Cheek implants
  • Tracheostomies
  • Biopsies


A tracheostomy is a procedure that inserts a small tube in the patient’s windpipe. The operation is a way to address breathing problems.

A biopsy is the process of taking a tissue sample from some part of the patient’s mouth. Mouth lesions, extensive tooth decay, or evidence of mouth cancer require further analysis. 


In this case, a surgeon may remove a tiny bit of tissue from somewhere in the mouth and test it. If your oral cancer screening reveals cause for concern, we may do a biopsy next.

Dental Implants

Age and accidents can leave us with missing or severely damaged teeth and an unsatisfactory smile. They can be replaced by artificial implants that look real and last forever. This is a surgical procedure that takes more time and expertise than pulling a tooth. Unlike many dental practices, we can do implants in our offices. 


Implants are a great option if you have numerous missing or decayed teeth. Instead of waiting to remove them when they need to be pulled, consider getting implants.


We know our patients appreciate beautiful smiles, and implants are a safe, durable way to restore a smile tarnished by years of dental issues. Thanks to advanced technology and extensive experience, our surgical experts can fit you with implants that look great and last for decades.

Family Dental Services In Mankato, MN

With our experienced and professional team, we know you can depend on us for a full range of family dentistry needs, from a child’s first dental checkup to an adult patient who needs oral surgery. We promise gentle cleanings and exams for children and adults.

Reach out to us if you or a family member need routine dental services or specialized medicine and cosmetic procedures. We specialize in fillings, implants, veneers, extractions, and oral surgery. Whether you need a new dentist, a simple cleaning, a toothache, or a dental emergency or Mankato dental clinic is equipped to help.

You can schedule an appointment today using our quick contact form or by calling us. We take appointments on weekdays and Saturday mornings, and we handle dental emergencies.

New patients from Mankato, MN, are always welcome, so we encourage you to make an appointment at your earliest convenience. We take most dental insurance plans.

Esthetic Tooth Contouring

Similar to gum lifts, tooth contouring involves the alignment of your teeth’ structure and shape. Many people perform this procedure for cosmetic reasons. However, even and aligned teeth can massively boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, it also provides medical benefits such as fixing cracked and crooked teeth caused by bruxism.