Root Canal Services
Mankato, MN

Dental health is wrongly considered a luxury by many people; the truth is, dental health is just as important as any other health issue. Considering that all nutrition starts from the mouth, dental health is an existential matter; you need strong, healthy teeth to live a healthy life.

Additionally, dental health also affects other important social factors such as confidence. Having confidence can be the difference between success and failure. A confident smile evidences a confident person, and confident people are easily likable.

The Importance Of A Root Canal

If you experience sensitivity, swelling, or pain around a tooth or teeth, you might benefit from root canal therapy. In the past, the go-to procedure for such tooth problems was extracting the tooth. We no longer have to do that; dentistry understands the need to maintain a tooth for chewing and aesthetic purposes.


A root canal therapy involves the removal of the soft material underneath the hard enamel. Rather than extract the whole tooth due to an infected pulp, it is better dentistry practice to remove the pulp, disinfect the area, infuse an innate material, then seal the enamel to preserve the tooth. 


Without the blood vessels and nerves that make up the pulp, your tooth will no longer have any sensitivity, thereby causing you no pain or discomfort. As a bonus, you get to keep your tooth.

Risks Associated With A Root Canal

Like any other medical procedure, root canal treatment carries risk. You can think of root canal therapy as a small surgery. Some of the risks associated with the procedure include pain and discomfort. A root canal will be painful if you do not get enough local anesthesia. There is also likely to be discomfort and some pain after the anesthesia wears off the patient.


The other risk is reinfection within the cavity after removing the pulp infection can happen when an inexperienced dentist fails to remove all infected pulp material. A patient can also suffer reinfection if the site isn’t treated with an antiseptic before sealing off. Infection is also a risk if the area is not sealed off properly, allowing more pathogens into the site.


The other risk associated with root canal therapy is the total collapse of the tooth. The cavity created by the extraction of the pulp material can weaken the overall structure. An experienced dentist will fill the cavity sufficiently enough to keep the tooth in great structural shape to maintain structural integrity.


Sometimes, however, the tooth might still be weak even after sufficient cavity filling. In such a case, the dentist should add a crown to help give the tooth strength while maintaining shape and aesthetics.

The Madison Ave. Dental Benefit

Unlike a person who doesn’t understand the value of a canal process and the importance of an experienced dentist’s clinic, you can access our services right here in Mankato, MN. 

Having been in the field for a long time, we understand the intricate work needed for successful dentistry. No two root canals are the same. At the office, we joke around that every tooth has its personality.

You will want to call Madison Ave Dental and book an appointment for several crucial reasons. 

Alleviating Tooth Pain

A toothache can result in unbearable pain and leave you wondering if your teeth will be lost. Our Mankato team of professionals will assess the teeth for decay, abscess, bacteria infection, nerve damage, or unusual changes in color, among other factors. 

The intention is to prevent patients from having their teeth removed unnecessarily.

Experienced Dentists for a Quicker Root Canal Procedure

While similar in concept to filling, pulp removal, and refilling, it’s far more intricate. A canal procedure and takes more time to complete, as well. The process involves:

  • Drilling an access hole to the pulp.
  • Removing all sensitive material.
  • Disinfecting the area.
  • Filling with innate materials and antiseptics.
  • Sealing the opening with a temporary fixture.
  • Filling the opening with a permanent sealant.

Sometimes, you will require a crown for aesthetic and functional purposes, especially if your tooth’s enamel is weak. With over 15 years in practice, the Madison Ave. Dental staff understands complicated dental treatment.

The intention is to perform the operation, do the follow-up within one or two visits to our office, and let you return to your normal work or school routine within days.

Experienced Dentists for a Quicker Root Canal Procedure

The whole idea of a root canal is preserving your tooth’s general structure. The process must be carefully managed to ensure that the remaining enamel does not collapse or the cavity is reinfected.


After your tooth’s pulp is removed, we’ll create a permanent filling to fill the space left and that preserves your tooth’s inner structure. After that, we will place a dental crown over your tooth, capping it. This protects your tooth from breaking or chipping once the procedure is finished.


To enjoy a pain-free, reliable, and permanent solution in Mankato, MN, call root canal specialists Madison Ave Dental and book an appointment for you or your loved one.

How much does a root canal cost in MN?

The average cost depends on the tooth. Front teeth only have one root, while molars can have up to three roots. The price for a front tooth is about $730, while molars will cost about $1,100 in Mankota, MN.

How much should I expect to pay for a root canal?

You should expect to pay anywhere between $700 and $1,200 for the process in Mankato, MN.

How much does it cost to fix a root canal?

he cost depends on the teeth, their health status, your insurance, and how urgent the procedure is. A tooth with pain, decay, and swelling is, more often than not, an emergency. Teeth with abscesses are also emergencies, and that costs more.

How much does a root canal cost without dental insurance?

If you’re paying out-of-pocket, the canal will cost you about the same as with insurance. This is because dental insurance is based on a deductible, often $1,000.


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