Composites and Dental Fillings in Mankato, MN

Dental fillings and composites work great for cracked and decayed teeth. They are a great alternative to tooth removal and caps where the damage is not as extensive.

If you are in Mankato, MN, and need fillings or dental composites, reach out to Madison Ave Dental for a Free consultation.

A dentist will remove the damaged part and fill it with tooth-colored filling or composite. By the time we finish with you, it will be hard to tell that a cavity even existed. Our office is at mankato mn 56001.

Dental Fillings and Composites Service

Below we highlight the processes involved when you come to Madison Ave for fillings and dental composites.


Proper removal to prevent further delay

Once a dentist has assessed the cavity, the process for removing the damaged area begins. X-rays of the damaged tooth may be necessary at this point. We like to ensure that the foundation is strong enough to support the filling.

Since a local anesthetic is used during the procedure, you will barely feel any discomfort. The tool the dentist uses depends on the extent of damage and the location of the tooth, among other factors.

After removing the damaged parts, the dentist may probe to ensure that it all out. The goal is to eliminate all damaged parts as this will prevent decay after filling.

The cavity is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any debris and bacteria. 


Tooth Restoration

 Once the cavity is clean, the dentist will put the filling inside it. In case the decay is close to the root, composite resin or a glass ionomer liner is used to protect the nerve.

The filling material is applied in layers. A special light cures and quickly harden each layer.

Once all the layers are in, the dentist shapes the composite material. Any excess material is removed, and the composite is polished to the desired shape.

Dental fillings come in many forms and colors. Common fillings include

  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • silver amalgam
  • Tooth-colored plastic
  • Composite resin fillings.

You get to choose which filling material and color you want for your teeth. Our dentist will guide you on the best option depending on the extent of damage, location, and insurance coverage. 

We recommend composite resin for extensively damaged teeth. Composite sticks to the teeth better, so the filling will stay longer while providing you with the same biting power as natural teeth. Since composite resin can be shaped in any form, your tooth will look like your natural teeth.

Experienced Dentists and Great Customer Experience

The goal where fillings are concerned is to prevent further damage and tooth loss. We have a team of dentists who have extensive knowledge of what to do to preserve your tooth. 

Our top dentists, Dr. Prunty and DR. Olson are experts in cosmetic dentistry. These two are respected names at the University of Minnesota and among the residents of the Mankato region. The dentists have helped many People suffering from cavities, and you can be sure that they will restore your smile if you give them a chance.

Our dentists in Mankato use the least invasive methods, so no damage is left to the gum tissue or area around the operation site. They will also assist patients on after-care and what to do to protect the site around the filled tooth.

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