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Total Tooth Restoration Implants

Tooth loss can happen for any reason – decay, failed crowns, failing root canals, gum disease, tobacco use, or simple lack of hygiene. No matter the reason, dental implants are a universal solution to tooth loss.

As the name implies, dental implants are replacement teeth. No, they aren’t real, but you won’t be able to tell!

Even if you have never received extensive dental treatment, you may have heard about dental implants. As one of the most innovative offerings in restorative dentistry, implants hold a revered status within dental care. 

If you have recently lost a tooth or have a damaged tooth, it’s a good choice to explore the option of dental implants Mankato residents have come to trust. Since the procedure provides you with a permanent solution to missing or weakened teeth, it can offer you the peace of mind you need through effective dental treatment.

At Madison Avenue Dental, our seasoned dental experts specialize in delivering dental implant services for various issues. Whether you have lost a single tooth to a sudden impact or multiple teeth decay over time, our professionals can help you restore them through implants.

Since dental implant’s pros and cons often come under discussion, the Dentist Mankato family understands how important it is for you to seek answers to some crucial questions. Keeping this in mind, we make it a point to explain the process, answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision regarding your dental health.

Restore One or All of Your Teeth

Implants are placed individually, you choose how many of your missing or deteriorated teeth you want to permanently replace. Implants are a great option if you’re missing numerous teeth, or if your existing teeth are at risk of deteriorating or requiring future extraction. Contact Madison Avenue Dental to learn more about our implant services.

The Benefits of Total Tooth Restoration Implants

Due to the way dental implants can help you replace missing, damaged, or weakened teeth, they are considered a critical part of restorative dentistry. 

From younger adults who lose their teeth through accidents to older adults who get tooth extractions because of age-related decay, implants can help various people restore their perfect smiles.

That is why getting dental implants Mankato residents rely upon can be a viable option for you as well. To make an informed decision, you can consider the following benefits that this dental procedure brings to the table. 

  • They are a permanent solution. Whenever you consider dental implant’s pros and cons, the discussion cannot be complete without considering the permanence of this solution. Once you get implants, they can last you a lifetime with regular care.
  • They help you restore your smile. Loss of teeth can also cause your confidence to slip away. Through implants, you can get replacement teeth that look and feel natural. This works wonders to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • They allow you to function properly. If you are missing even a single tooth, it can cause a hindrance to your ability to eat or speak. By taking the route of dental implants, you can easily restore these normal functions and steer clear of any possible problems that stem from a loss of teeth.
  • They improve your oral health. As compared to other procedures such as dental bridges where replacement options require your other teeth to be reshaped, implants only work on the site of the missing tooth. This preservation of your natural teeth improves your overall oral health.


  • They do not require extensive care. Ease of use is one of the biggest reasons why many people turn towards implants as a restorative dentistry procedure. Since they are a permanent solution, you don’t have to go out of your way to care for them.

Implants Are Lifelong Solutions

Implants are a three-in-one dental piece: You’ll first be scheduled to have the rod and post of your implant planted into your jaw bone before you receive your actual teeth. The rod and post are entirely permanent, and they replace your previous teeth’s roots’ function, which is to hold your teeth in place.

Restore Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants in Mankato

Whether your teeth are already missing or if you want to replace your weakened teeth, your dentist can perform dental implant surgery to restore one or all of your teeth.

Dental implant surgery entails a detailed exam, imaging tests, impressions process, and model implant and tooth creation. If your dentist deems it fit for you to receive implants, they move forward using specially-crafted, small metal posts that replace the roots of natural teeth in your jawbone. 

Once the implant is fixed in your jaw, your dentist completes the procedure by covering it with a crown or artificial tooth that looks and feels natural. Unlike dentures, you do not need to take this tooth out. Instead, it stays in its place as a permanent solution.

Implants Are Lifelong Solutions for Missing Tooth

Indeed, another major point of discussion regarding dental implant’s pros and cons is their expense. While these solutions can seem expensive at first, their long-term benefits more than cover their cost.

This comparison also holds for the healing and completion time that is associated with multiple implants. 

Even when the process seems extensive, its overall advantages justify the duration for patients. 

With reduced dental visits, minimal care processes, and improved oral health, dental implants hold distinct benefits that set them apart from other teeth replacement solutions.

When put together, this set of advantages highlights dental implant surgery as one of the most reliable ways to replace natural teeth. 

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