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Your smile is one of the features on your face which can quickly and effectively leave quite an impression on everyone around you who sees it. A memorable smile that lights up a room can provide you increased self-esteem and better overall health and well-being. However, there may be circumstances where your smile is less than ideal and causes you to feel hesitant to show it off when around other people.

If one or several of your teeth have visible signs of decay or have been damaged, this can have a serious negative effect on your confidence and oral health. It can also create trouble for you when you try to bite, chew, or speak since the teeth may cause you pain or discomfort. Missing teeth also cause gaps, which can affect the aesthetics of your smile and the functionality of your teeth. One possible solution for your dental dilemma is the placement of dental crowns on the affected teeth.

Dental crowns are incredibly versatile when it comes to the reasons why a patient may need to have a dental crown placed over an existing tooth. Some of the common causes include:

  • A cavity that is too large for a traditional filling
  • A cracked, broken, worn down, or weakened tooth
  • A root canal was performed, and the restored tooth needs to be protected
  • Discoloration or misshapen tooth
  • Holding a bridge in place
  • Cosmetic modification
  • Missing teeth

There may also be other reasons why a dental crown may be recommended by our Mankato, MN, dentists at Madison Avenue Dental, so it is important that you have an experienced medical professional examine your teeth and provide you with the solutions you need that best suit your circumstances.

When your teeth get worn down or become weak, our dentists at Madison Avenue Dental may recommend that you get dental crowns placed on them. This helps to strengthen your teeth and restructure them, if needed. For those with cracked teeth, the dental crown can help hold it together so it does not break and cause you further pain and discomfort.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Essentially, the crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over your existing tooth, which has been reshaped to eliminate damage or decay or to replace missing teeth.  Our in-house lab can create a customized crown that perfectly fits over your tooth and helps you regain strength and a beautiful appearance.

The placement of a dental crown usually takes a couple of office visits with our experienced dentists. The first visit will be examining and preparing the tooth or teeth that will be receiving the crowns. X-rays will be taken of the tooth and the surrounding bone to make sure it is suitable for a crown. Because we are very concerned about the dental care we provide each patient, we will also check for tooth decay, risk of infection, or injury to the tooth’s pulp.

Preparation of the tooth entails filing down the top and side of the tooth as well as making a micron-precise measurement of the tooth and the surrounding teeth using the iTero scanner to ensure the crown will fit properly and won’t interfere with your bite. Our lab will use this measurement and create the crown and bridge to fit your mouth precisely. While this process is done, you may be equipped for a temporary crown. Once it is ready, we will place the crown and bridge in your mouth, make any necessary adjustments, and cement them into place.

In-House Lab for a Precision Fit of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crafting dental crowns and bridges is not a purely mechanical and uniform procedure. Each mouth is unique. Thus, each crown and bridge is uniquely crafted. We utilize an in-house ceramics lab to ensure complete quality control so that you will enjoy the perfect fit and finish!

The crown and bridge ceramic lab in our building can do custom shading and color match right in the chair to ensure that your crown and bridge combination perfectly match your existing teeth and look as natural as possible. We offer FREE consultations, so be sure call us to learn more about our crown and bridge services and to begin your journey to a better smile!

Industry-Leading Scanning Technology

That perfect fit and finish are achieved by our use of the latest cosmetic dental technology. Employing our iTero scanner, we will take a micron-precise measurement of your mouth. This ensures that there is no need for impressions using putty, which no one enjoys and are not as accurate as our scans. The micron-precise measurement also guarantees that the placement and shape of your crowns or bridges are 100% perfect, for long-lasting results.

Contact Us Today to Take Advantage of Our Cosmetic Dentistry Experience

For all that dental technology and in-house quality control, nothing replaces an experienced cosmetic dentist’s hand and eye. At Madison Avenue Dental, Dr. Prunty and Dr. Olson have decades of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. They can replace missing, chipped, and degraded teeth, restoring your original and natural smile.

Providing exceptional dental care is a top priority for our entire dental team, and we pride ourselves on creating the best possible environment for our patients to soothe any anxieties they may have about visiting the dentist and helping to ensure the most stress-free appointment possible.

We have over 15 years of experience in the dental field, and our team is confident that you will be fully satisfied with the crown and bridge service you receive as well as any of our other general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and other dental services you may have at Madison Avenue Dental.

Contact us today to learn more about our crown and bridge service or to make an appointment with our experienced dentists. Dental care is our number one priority, so you will not be disappointed in the treatment you receive.